The Body Massage Ritual

Not sure which massage to choose to best suit your needs? Or if you feel a combination of types of massage would be for you then choose the Body Massage Ritual.

All massage rituals begin with a consultation.  This is to explore any current or past health concerns that may be contributing to any muscular discomfort you may be experiencing.  The ritual will conclude with holistic home care guidance for your well-being and to ensure you gain the most from your massage experience.

Massage nurtures a stable ground, it is an intuitive ancient tool

that the therapist can use to support and stimulate the skin, muscles and organs.

Massage can induce complete relaxation and rejuvenation; harmonising both mind and body.  Specific movements can be used to encourage lymphatic drainage and increase circulation to the muscles and connective tissues.

45 minutes – £45

60 minutes – £60

90 minutes – £90

120 minutes – £120

Mention you wish to choose the Body Massage Ritual when you book.

Time will be dedicated to areas where you need it most, rather than following a set routine.  Whether you want to focus on tight muscles or relaxation, your massage will be completely personalised to suit your needs and concerns.

Your ritual may include; deep tissue techniques, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, Indian head, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, stretching, trigger point therapy, acupressure therapy and reflex points and will always be discussed as part of your consultation.