Pregnancy Reflexology & Massage


Nurturing Mother To Be Massage

Utilising the Bumps a Daisy pregnancy range; neroli and mandarin, sweet almond and wheatgerm, rose, ho wood, mandarin and bitter orange complement each other to ease water retention, increase circulation and encourage restful sleep.  Ease and soothe the body through its exciting journey.  Calm niggles and uncomfortable problems such as sciatica, swollen ankles, back ache, insomnia and other pregnancy related conditions.  Positioned and supported with cushions and pregnancy pillows to give optimum comfort and ensure the absolute safety for mother and child.

Please discuss your needs with our massage therapist. They’ll be happy to tailor a massage solution for you that is effective as well as addressing your individual ever-changing needs during this amazing time of your life.

Bespoke Pregnancy Massage £57.00

Nurturing Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £37.00

Lymphatic Drainage Lower Leg & Foot Massage £34.00

Mum 2 Be Pamper  £50.00

Hydrating facial with decolletage, face, scalp & foot massage 

Signature Mum 2 Be Package  £62.00

Hydrating facial, face, scalp, neck, decolletage, shoulder & arm massage & refreshing lower leg & foot treatment

Pre-Natal Reflexology

Pregnancy is a very exciting and also daunting time, especially as the birth date draws close. Every woman has different experiences of pregnancy – some sail through with no problems at all, others may experience, nausea, heartburn, backache etc. Relaxation is key and reflexology can help to support you with the enormous changes your body and emotions, are undergoing. By using gentle and natural techniques it will help you to relax, focus and prepare for the birth. A treatment once a month is ideal.

Recent research has found that reflexology in pregnancy reduced pain during labour and the length of the first stage of labour. Valiani M Et Al (2010). Reviewing the effect of reflexology on pain and outcomes of the labour of primiparous women. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research.

I may ask my clients to check with their GP or midwife before they undertake pregnancy reflexology.

Pregnancy Reflexology  £42.00

A wonderful, safe, holistic treatment to rejuvenate the feet and relax the whole body.  Including an invigorating foot polish, reflexology treatment, nourishing oil foot massage and refreshing spritz.