Pregnancy Reflexology & Massage


Nurturing Mother To Be Massage

The nine month journey of pregnancy is a special time, connecting the mother and unborn child through the power of touch. This treatment combines tried and tested safe pregnancy massage techniques adapted to each stage of pregnancy. This treatment helps to relieve tension in your lower back and alleviate any swelling in the hands and feet, whilst easing your mind and uplifting your spirit.

The benefits of massage in pregnancy include:
Increase in blood and lymph circulation
Helps to reduce swelling
Relief from cramps, spasms and pain, particularly in the lower back, hips neck and legs.
Reduced stress on weight bearing limbs
Helps anxiety and assist with relaxation which in turn can decrease insomnia.

Using pregnancy safe massage oils including coconut oil or warmed, nurturing Japanese Camellia oil, pregnancy massage is carried out using a combination of relaxation massage and deep tissue. The massage therapist adapts their techniques to address changes a woman goes through during her pregnancy.

For instance, in the early stages the therapist will work on relaxing the body and loosening the muscles related to stress and any niggling injuries the mother may have so these are not a concern in the later stages of the pregnancy.

In the second trimester, the therapist will change the technique to work on not only the upper body area but focus more on the lower body region, hips and legs.

As the pregnancy progress to the third trimester the treatment will accommodate more flowing movements to move any problematic fluid areas, focus on the lower body region to loosen tight muscles in preparation for the birth, and may also incorporate the arms, hands and feet in the cases of swelling.

Pregnancy Massage is just as important for mother as it is for the child.

What Conditions Benefit from a Pregnancy Massage?
Pregnancy massage benefits the following conditions:
• Stress and anxiety about the pregnancy
• Sore back & hips
• Headaches associated with Pregnancy
• Pregnancy related RSI
• Pubic symphysis
• Restless legs
• Sleep deprivation and tiredness

How Does a Pregnancy Massage Help You?
Pregnancy massage helps you by targeting specific areas of the body that needs to be relaxed or allow more movement. As your body changes during this time it is important to prepare the body and aid the changes instead of trying to fight it. Pregnancy is a joyful time in everyone’s lives but it is also the most taxing on the body so it makes sense to keep your body moving and at optimal health during this time.

How Long Should You Book for a Pregnancy Massage?
Pregnancy Massages are usually between 30 minutes to 1 hour. This is so the massage therapist can allow time to work on all the areas that is required during your pregnancy.

What Frequency Works Best for a Pregnancy Massage?
While everyone’s needs will be a little different depending on your lifestyle, regular pregnancy massages work best when on a monthly cycle. This usually correlates to the babies “major growth cycle” in which the body goes through an enormous change.

Please discuss your needs with our massage therapist. They’ll be happy to tailor a massage solution for you that is effective as well as addressing your individual ever changing needs during this amazing time of your life.

Pregnancy Massage (Up to 1 hour)

Pregnancy/Fertility Reflexology





Pre Natal Reflexology

Pregnancy is a very exciting and also daunting time, especially as the birth date draws close. Every woman has different experiences of pregnancy – some sail through with no problems at all, others may experience, nausea, heartburn, backache etc. Relaxation is key and reflexology can help to support you with the enormous changes your body and emotions, are undergoing. By using gentle and natural techniques it will help you to relax, focus and prepare for the birth. A treatment once a month is ideal.

Recent research has found that reflexology in pregnancy reduced pain during labour and the length of the first stage of labour. Valiani M Et Al (2010). Reviewing the effect of reflexology on pain and outcomes of the labour of primiparous women. Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research.

I always ask my clients to check with their GP or midwife before they undertake pregnancy reflexology.

Post Natal Reflexology

You’re a mummy! Wonderful news! How are you feeling? Ecstatic, elated, exhausted, overwhelmed? Probably a bit of everything! It’s not surprising, the last nine months have brought enormous changes to your body and life. Now is the time to try to recover and rebalance. You will need to look after yourself too and, although it’s hard to find the time, a treatment will do you the world of good.

At this time reflexology may help to aid recovery from the birth, alleviate anxiety and give you relaxation at a time when you really need some!!