Manicure & Pedicure


Regular manicures are the best way of achieving and maintaining beautifully healthy natural nails. They promote healthy nail growth, improved circulation and a noticeable improvement in the condition of the skin and overall appearance of the hands and nails. Hands, nails and cuticles will be more hydrated and the hand and arm massage can relieve muscle and joint aches and pains. Manicures are very relaxing and can be a great stress reliever.


Nothing makes your feet feel better than a pedicure and if you have never experienced a professional one before now then it is definitely time to start! Treat yourself to a pedicure and soak away the stresses of the day. Hard skin build up can be dramatically reduced with regular pedicures and the foot and leg massage relaxes and releases muscle tension. Blood circulation is stimulated therefore reducing joint aches and pains.

Pedicures are traditionally always thought of as a summer treatment but smooth and moisturised feet feel better and really are a must throughout the year.

If your feet have a significant build up of hard skin or are severely cracked, please be advised that this may require more than one pedicure to get them into tip top shape.

(Soak, Nail shape, buff, cuticle work, exfoliate, mask & hot mitts, massage & polish)
(Foot soak, nail shape, cuticle work, removal of hard skin, exfoliate, mask & hot booties, massage & polish)
File & Polish Fingers£18.00
Men’s Manicure£20.00
Men’s Pedicure£22.00

Heated Mitts/Booties will soothe and warm the hands and feet whilst softening the skin which allows the pores to open so that the moisturisers can penetrate the skin, resulting in effective conditioning, soft cuticles and healthy nails.

Add French Polish to any manicure or pedicure£12.00
Add Gel Polish to any manicure or pedicure£12.00
Manicure & Pedicure combo£55.00


If you notice any itching, inflammation, swelling, blistering, dryness, weeping or flaking skin within 48 hours of your treatment, you could have had an allergic reaction to a product used within your treatment. Although this is rare it should always be reported to your nail technician.


  • Use gentle cleansers that are not too drying when washing hands.
  • Remove rings before washing hands to avoid a build up of soap around the area.
  • Use lukewarm water and towel dry.
  • Use rubber gloves when using chemicals.
  • Wear barrier creams and gloves when out in cold weather.
  • Keep hand cream near the sink and use each time you wash your hands.
  • Massage hands every evening.
  • Always apply a base coat under nail polish.
  • Use acetone free nail polish remover as this is less abrasive to the nail.
  • Avoid metal nail files.
  • Carry out regular hand exercises to improve circulation.
  • Ask your nail technician how to file your nails correctly and use an emery board to neaten rough edges.


  • Always file nails straight across.
  • Always apply foot lotion after bathing.
  • Ensure feet are thoroughly dry after washing.
  • Change socks/tights daily.
  • Go bare foot when safe and practical to do so.
  • Ensure footwear fits correctly and avoid wearing high heels were possible.
  • Carry out regular foot exercises to improve circulation.