Lymphatic Drainage & Thermal Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system helps to protect us from infection and disease. It is part of the body’s immune system. The lymphatic system’s job is to flush toxins away from the body and keep you healthy. If the system becomes ‘blocked’ the body becomes toxic making us feel sluggish and susceptible to disease. This is made more likely due to the fact that we daily dump toxins in to our bodies, eat badly, drink too much alcohol, eat too much sugar, live in cities full of pollution and generally live unhealthy lifestyles.

Symptoms of a struggling lymphatic system include:

  • pain
  • bad circulation
  • swelling
  • loss of energy
  • enlarged nodes
  • degenerative diseases

By stimulating the lymphatic system with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage it is possible to improve the circulation, increase the body’s ability to use nutrients and improve digestion, reduce levels of stress and relax muscles, help balance hormones, aid in cleansing the body and speed up the elimination of waste and strengthen the immune system and improve the body’s resistance to infection.

To assist in maintaining a healthy lymphatic system it is necessary to incorporate good hydration, movement, deep breathing, rest, relaxation and lymphatic massage in to your life.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can assist with acne, rosacea, congested skin, eczema, allergies, inflammation, cellulite, PMT, swollen ankles, tired legs, migraine, sinusitis, post injury, detoxification to name a few.

Combined with heat the body is warmed, increasing circulation and supplying fresh oxygen to muscles; taking the body into deep relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage Full Body Massage £42.00
Thermal Lymphatic Drainage Massage £47.00