Can you advise me about which treatment to choose?

All of the treatments that we offer can help to improve relaxation and reduce stress. Some treatments are especially helpful at working with specific conditions, and we are happy to discuss with you which treatment you would prefer to try.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatments that we provide should be relaxing and not painful at all! Sometimes massage can work over areas of tense or ‘knotted’ muscle which feels a little uncomfortable, but this should ease as the muscle relaxes. Occasionally a reflexology treatment may work over a sore or uncomfortable area – letting us know this often helps me to identify a particular reflex that is out of balance.

What do I need to wear for my treatment?

Loose leisure clothing is ideal for treatments, as you’ll be sitting or laying quite still for some time. Avoid heavy clothing – we can provide a fleecy cover for extra warmth if required.

Indian Head Massage is usually given over bare shoulders so that aromatherapy oils can be applied to the skin and the hair. However, if you prefer, the treatment can be given ‘dry’ over light clothing.

Do I need to have a pedicure before coming for reflexology?

Reflexology is worked over bare feet which are cleaned just before treatment. It is helpful for nails to be neat and trimmed, but we are used to working with feet of all shapes and sizes and they don’t need to look glamorous – unless you want to!

Why do I need to fill in a form before having treatment?

It’s helpful for us to have some background information about you – especially medical information – as that will help us ‘tailor’ the treatment to suit your needs.

We treat all information you provide as completely confidential.

Can my child receive treatment?

We treat all cases individually and if we agree that a junior treatment would benefit your child then we would be happy to treat them. A parent is required to attend with the child during the treatment.

I think I’m pregnant – is it OK to continue my treatment?

Reflexology can be particularly helpful to the body in easing some of the symptoms of pregnancy – from back-ache to constipation! Massage can also be helpful.  We are happy to treat you from three months into your pregnancy, and may also be able to suggest some reflexes to help with pain management during labour.  The consent of your midwife is required for treatment to take place.

How do I pay for my treatment?

Payment must be made immediately after each treatment, and we are happy to accept cash, PayPal, mobile phone ‘Pay a Contact’ payments or bank transfer.

I have a question you haven’t answered here………

All the questions we have listed here are ones we have already been asked by clients. If you have a new question, please let us know! Use the ‘Contact’ form, or please ring us. We will try and publish more questions and answers here, as they arise.